Cache data in the local database

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the TomTom API and the storage of data in a local database. I have noticed that I am required to remove data after X days. However, I am looking for a way to preserve data in the local database for a longer period, as I need to maintain location history for users in my application. Is there a way to achieve this? Your insights would be greatly appreciated. If I’m not allowed to store data locally, which fields am I permitted to save for a certain period (x days), and which fields can be saved indefinitely?

You are not allowed to store responses from our services. Location is something that you get from the device, so you can store it in your application.

Sorry, but I’m not following. Am I allowed to store longitude, latitude, ID, and name locally based on your response? Or at least the ID, so I can use it later to find the exact location again?

Just to clarify, I’m creating an application where I’m using your places API to fetch some places. Then, users can click to check themselves in at those places. Later on, I will need a history of all the places the user has been to. That’s why having at least the place ID to store would be great. This way, I can retrieve all the IDs and make API calls for each ID to fetch the place name again…