Buy traffic flow data

Good morning,
there are a way to buy daily traffic flow data into some street with hours grouping?
for example: street Via Miranese position: 45.484778, 12.206767
day: 10-02-2019
Direction est
7.00 - 700 car
8.00 - 600 car
9.00 -

24.00 - …
Direction ovest
7.00 - 750 car
8.00 - 650 car
9.00 - 400 car

24.00 - …
Output data in txt or excel

Hi there! We don’t share the number of cars in real time due to privacy reasons, but we have a product called Traffic Density which might be of interest to you. It offers TomTom Traffic counts for the complete road network, per direction for every hour and day of the week. See details here:

If you are interested in advanced traffic insights, you should also check out the Tomtom Move platform:

Please use the contact forms at the bottom of the page if you want to get in touch with a team member!

Goog morning,
thanks you for reply.
I thinking that have the number of car that move at a hours into a street section isnt a privacy infringment, because not ask car plate number but a generic number.
If a street density map be give with definition that 100% if for example 1.000 car, with this proportion can know how much vehicles (generic number) is a density into each street, without know nothing about who are.
Density data is good to have a simple idea between different streets but i understanding this isnt density / capacity defined into engineering transport study that depending also by street parameter (dimension, number of lanes per direction, etc …).
My interest is on hystorical data into very limited city area into excel format, O/D matrix, incident statistics.
Costs to access this data into excel format is give by one payement to access or by people access into Wep/API solution?

Hi @LogitEngineering

Seems like the TomTom Move platform could be a good fit for your needs.

It is query based, meaning you define the area you are interested in, the types of roads, the date ranges and timebins and run the analysis to get your data.

Best is to go to and hit the contact form there. Someone will be in touch to help you out.