Bad ROUTING Sequencing Calculation

I’m having trouble sequencing waypoints where it disregards some cities to pass only on the way back.

Routing API is calculating the route based on waypoints you provided.

If you want the service to optimize the route, then you should try the computeBestOrder parameter.

I am having the same problem even using computeBestOrder=true. I have submitted support questions twice on this issue but I get no response. The optimized results are anything but optimized. I have tested with “Here API” and I get properly optimized routing. I want to use Tom Tom but cannot if I can’t get this issue resolved.
Very Frustrated!

I finally heard back from developer support. They are acknowledging that the computeBestOrder=true (route optimization) is not working properly:

“Indeed, the route optimization functionality requires further improvements what has been reported to our Product Managers.”

Then when I inquired about how long it would take to correct the situation, they said the following:
“At this moment, I am unable to specify the time as we have just raised the described problem to the relevant people in the business. It may definitely not happen this year, but I am sure it will be prioritized in 2020.”

Their product is broken and does not perform as advertised. They should be ashamed of their failure to fix it promptly.

Don’t fix it on my account, I am moving on.