Are search scores calculated in percentages?

I am wondering what the scoring of search results are based on. Is it an arbitrary number that has no maximum or does it reach a point of perfect match (like a score of 100). I could not find the answer via this link under score property:

Dear Chandler,
I’m assuming your question relates to Geocoding. Currently, the score cannot be used to determine whether a result is a “perfect match”. The score is relative within the set of results for the given query, and is only used to sort the results.

However… We’re close to publishing documentation for a new response field for Geocoding, called Match Confidence. This new field will contain a score between 0 and 1, where 1 indicates a perfect (textual) match. For results that match partially, the confidence will be lower than 1.

I’ll let you know when this new field is available.


Thanks for the fast reply. Looking forward to this new field!

Hi Chandler,
Just to confirm: the new Match Confidence field has been added to Geocode responses. Please check the documentation (Geocode | Search API) for more details.