APIs for bike routing

Hi everyone,

So I’m working on a task to find the best route for technicians to visit telecom sites riding bikes in Makkah, Saudi Arabia during the pilgrim (Hajj) which is a very busy event and roads get closed and opened based on a plan and also huge number of people move on foot.

I searched for many routing services that have routing for bikes and live traffic data which also provide APIs and could only find TomTom.

Now when I dived into the documentation of the routing services I could only find travel mode for car, truck and pedestrian. No bikes! However, the live maps of TomTom has routing for bikes !

So, I need your help to guide me through the previous requirements, can I use TomTom to find the routes for bikes (usually narrow roads and ETA that accounts for the ability of bikes to move through heavy traffic easily) in the up-mentioned location using the routing APIs?


Routing API supports bicycle routing by using travelMode parameter set to bicycle
This parameter is described here: Common Routing Parameters | Routing API and Extended Routing API