API targeting electric cars

We are a small start-up business based in Germany. We want to develop an application for electric car drivers. The idea is to create an application that calculates the route taking into energy consumption to plan the journey in a more efficient way. Do you have service for Electric Vehicles?


Yes, the data can be retrieved from the Routing API. The query string must include the parameter “vehicleEngineType” which is set to electric.

The detailed information about optional parameters for electric vehicles can be found in the documentation under The Electric Consumption model:


Hi there! There are new API features that have just been released for Electric Vehicles: you can check them out there: https://developer.tomtom.com/products/ev-route-planning-use-case


This idea was presented by a team including me during the ANWB Mobility Hackathon in 2017.
Just a few weeks ago TomTom developed and released an app just to do exactly that!

The idea summarized “Take into account the available energy and plan the route using the TomTom API for optional charging”.

Maybe you can take a look at the TomTom app for inspiration.


You could check also bee - car sharing , they used Tom Tom api

I’m interested in that car-sharing use case! Do you have more information that you could share?

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