Any cool apps/projects built on tomtom api

would like to know, any cool project built on tomtom api, in general,

or any app working in indian traffic conditions ( just for an inspiration, to get on with the stuff)

thanks in advance,

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Here are some apps I came across that seem to be using TomTom APIs:

Curious to find more!



You might want to see our TomTom Maps API tutorial applications which are available on GitHub :slight_smile:

The Search along a route application helps with finding various places and shows how to use a routing module to re-route through a particular place. You can find a full source code of this application on our GitHub account for both Android and iOS platforms.

Another application called Time to leave implements a use case in which you want to be notified about the time when you need to leave in order to get to the specified destination taking current traffic conditions into account. Full source code of this application is available on our GitHub account for both Android and iOS platforms.


Hi i’m new to TomTom, is there a basic Android api tutorial on poi search available ?

Yes! here:




You can also find a basic usage of search API inside our tutorial apps Search Along A Route or Time To Leave:


Thank you I will check those out

Hi, I started a new project tutorial and after but it’s not possible to sync the project

ERROR: Failed to resolve:

What would be the reason for that.

Thank you

Sorry it works, I had put the repository link in the wrong section