Adding mapbox tilesets using the map styler

I have some data hosted as a tileset in the mapbox platform.
Is there the right way to use their APIs to display that data on a tomtom map? Can we use the data sources tab in the tomtom map styler to visualize and style this too?

Hi Rayan,

MapStyler is designed to work with tomtom styles, which are in JSON format. However you can load your JSON style file and customize it, as long as it is in JSON format an all the URLs in the style file use Https.

As far as I know, mapbox styles are not plain JSON and are accessible through its online style explorer. Also the sprite and glyph URLs use mapbox format and not Https. So there is not a straightforward way to load them in the MapStyler.


thank you for your reply ! @niliehbo
I have successfully brought in the data from mapbox and am able to view it in the mapstyler but im encountering another road block…
you see the data that im calling is supposed to be a fill extrusion layer and i want to use a height field in the data to assign heights to every object…
how can i do this?

this is the data that ive correctly brought in from mapbox vector tiles api

I see the way this has been done for tomtom data ,

I think the attribute data is being defined on line 7 “metadata”: “group:area_3d”
for retriving metadata in mapbox a separate api is used
heres link which helps in defining it Mapbox Tiling Service | API | Mapbox

Hi Rayan,

I can see that ‘fill-extrusion-height’ is set to 0. In order to set extrusion height value based on height data property you should use such expression:

"fill-extrusion-height": [

Thank you so much Robert,
This greatly helped me! using this I was successfully able to view data stored in mapbox on the tomtom platform !

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