Accuracy of EV charging availability API

I was interested in looking up availability of EV chargers using the API, but - unless I am doing something wrong - I am not sure I can trust the output. Possibly it’s not sufficiently refreshed.
Any thoughts and experience to share pls?

Ionity Cobham.
Both the IONITY app and Hyundai app indicate 0 available out of 6 ( 4 occupied, 2 unavailable) on the 350kW CCS chargers.
API finds 2 available, 2 out of service, 2 used CCS.

API returns
{‘connectors’: [{‘type’: ‘IEC62196Type2CCS’, ‘total’: 6, ‘availability’: {‘current’: {‘available’: 2, ‘occupied’: 2, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 2}, ‘perPowerLevel’: [{‘powerKW’: 350.0, ‘available’: 2, ‘occupied’: 2, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 2}]}}], ‘chargingAvailability’: ‘826009009321658’}

Aire de Baie de Somme Ionity
Ionity app indicates 1 chademo used, 1 ccs 350kW used.
The app only finds 1 ccs used, no chademo.
{‘connectors’: [{‘type’: ‘IEC62196Type2CCS’, ‘total’: 5, ‘availability’: {‘current’: {‘available’: 4, ‘occupied’: 1, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 0}, ‘perPowerLevel’: [{‘powerKW’: 50.0, ‘available’: 4, ‘occupied’: 1, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 0}]}}, {‘type’: ‘Chademo’, ‘total’: 1, ‘availability’: {‘current’: {‘available’: 1, ‘occupied’: 0, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 0}, ‘perPowerLevel’: [{‘powerKW’: 50.0, ‘available’: 1, ‘occupied’: 0, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 0}]}}, {‘type’: ‘IEC62196Type2CableAttached’, ‘total’: 1, ‘availability’: {‘current’: {‘available’: 1, ‘occupied’: 0, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 0}, ‘perPowerLevel’: [{‘powerKW’: 43.0, ‘available’: 1, ‘occupied’: 0, ‘reserved’: 0, ‘unknown’: 0, ‘outOfService’: 0}]}}], ‘chargingAvailability’: ‘250009040895195’}

We are investigating this and will get back to you once we have the result.

Sorry that it took so long. We came up with these findings:

Analyzing the live availability data of EV chargers at both locations we can also see small deviations which looks to be caused mostly by small time shifts in receiving data from our providers. Unfortunately the intermediate services between operator itself and our Search API can result in few minutes delays.

In case of GBR located POI (Ionity Cobham). At the app of operator some frequent status changes between Available and Occupied has been observed at 2 of 7 charging points. Backend of our providers might in such cases set its status temporarily to ‘OutOfService’