Accessibility evaluation (WCAG 2.1)

What constitutes a truly accessible web map requires extensive user research, however as can be seen in the Web map tools WCAG 2.1 evaluation (presented by Nic Chan at the 2020 W3C/OGC Joint Workshop Series on Maps for the Web, available in video [1] format and slides [2]) there are quite a few opportunities to improve the accessibility of TomTom maps that would immediately benefit the end-user.

In the evaluation report I have deliberately not included any techniques [3] sufficient to pass a particular Success Criterion [4] for brevity, however I am hopeful that the community can come together, and improve the state of accessibility.



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Appreciate this noble cause - of supporting the physically challenged.

Could you share some links about various categories of such users and how they use maps.
Affected people who use iPhone device for navigation could be visually, hearing or speech challenged.

Touching the device while driving is illegal.
Could you add the voice control (of device) aspect to your study? (if this is a valid use case for the affected people)?