Access to Intermediate Traffic Service


i tried to get in contact to request access to the intermediate traffic API for a few times. In the contact form it says i will get sent instructions to my mail on how to proceed, but i never got any. Also i never got a reply on 3 tries.

So i was wondering if either the contact form is broken, or if TomTom has some companies / peoples on a no business list, so they just ignore them? I’m pretty sure that the contact itself works, as i got responses earlier, when i did not reveal the company i work for. I find this highly unprofessional and would prefer to get a response that they don’t want to sell us their data if that is the case.

I talked with our sales team. They tried to contact you a few days ago.
As you clearly didn’t get any information, we will try to contact you again.

We are very sorry for keeping you waiting.

@tomczykm thanks for your response. In the meantime we got a response. However we tried it from multiple different mails, also like every month again for half a year now and before nothing happened. Maybe you should check, if there is something broken with the sales form (in this specific case the request access form for intermediate traffic service). Maybe it did not work with our mail addresses.