2023 Q1 Map update Password


i have update the TomTom Bridge. But for the last 2023 Q1 Map update i need a Password to unzip. I already have different tools, 7Zip ,… But all want a password. But it says nowhere what of the password and otherwise I have never had to use a password in the zip there.

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How do I get the password now ?

TomTom Bridge is a business-to-business device. If you are a TomTom Bridge user, we recommend that you contact your company representative if you require assistance.

business-to-business device is correct. But updates, come from the official website.https://bridge-files.tomtom.com/ And yes, I have a company and another 100 devices lying here. But the last update has password protection, for whatever reason. This is not the case with all the others.

if there is another way, i would like to know it. this is the only way i know of.

This forum is not intended for Bridge support. Please send your request at bridgecustomersupport@tomtom.com

many thanks :-). I found another piece of information that could help me:

So I have now 2 times already started the request. By e-mail I have no answer. not even an automatic notification. nothing.